Hot on the Trail, part 1

Dates: 02/18/2010

Character Level: 4

Department 7 Headquarters, Baltimore

After returning/resting up at Department 7 HQ, the group decides to head over to Bayside Square to try and find this man named Micheal St. James, who Bonnie Brown identified and claimed that he could tell the truth about the BEAST (aka PM KILLER).

On the way to Bayside, Bob is pulled over and promptly put through a full sobriety test since he was acting like a nut when the officer first approached his vehicle (the Truckster). The rest of the gang (McCleary & Claudia – McCleary’s Bike / Everyone else – Lexus), arrive at Bayside Square without a problem. Kevin goes to “The Hole” to pick up some new threads, McCleary & Claudia deal with a group of snobbish clubbers, Mally and Brock eat ice cream :) Eventually Bob arrivals and they all proceed into the club.

Club Plasma, Baltimore

Kevin folks up the cash for everyone’s entry fee, and they are all greeted by hard pumping techno music on the inside. People of all races and sizes dance wildly to the music, McCleary quickly notices a stairway leading up to the VIP area. Bob quickly becomes aqainted with the head bartender, Stradh, and tries a good helping of the club’s premiere drink, Dragons Blood. Brock, Kevin, and Mally try to mingle in the crowd, while Claudia gets the music in her soul and begins to dance wildly. Her wild performance cause many people to follow suit, soon the whole dance floor is rocking. McCleary tries to smooth talk his way into the VIP area but it appears that no one is allowed unless they bare a special tattoo (a pair of fang marks on their neck). It’s also told that people in VIP have a see thru floor where they can watch the party goers down below…Due to her wild dancing soon Claudia is summoned to the second floor. Kevin pays a hefty sum for himself, Mally, and McCleary to get the special tattoo.

Upstairs, Claudia finds the VIP area to be very elegant, with soft music playing and has all the workings of a classy upscale bar. She soon meets Mr. Johnson, an elf who has modified himself to appear of a higher class of fey…he asks Claudia for a favor and in turn he will get her into a meeting with Micheal St. James…Soon she is joined by her three friends who are bearing new tattoos.

Down stairs, Bob passes out due to the high alcohol content of the drinks…and Brock takes over as the dancing champion…

In VIP, McCleary starts a fight with Mr. Johnson over his opinion on elf and human interaction…eventually he allows Kevin and Claudia to have an appointment with Micheal St. James…while Mally stays outside to keep McCleary under control.

Inside St. James’ suite, they find themselves in a room split by a pane of glass, on the other side sits a man(?) in a dress, huge orange hair, and face painted like a gesha girl…after a few simple questions and not many answers the room goes dark and much mayhem can be heard…

Downstairs, the VIP guard and Stradh bring Bob into the “Special” room and proceed to operate on him…eventually he breaks free and does some serious damage to his captures…

In the suite, once the lights return, Claudia and Kevin see that Micheal St. James has been murdered…and has the “PM” symbol carved into his chest, eventually the group is lead out of the club by guards (who do not believe that James is dead and that it’s just another one of his stunts)...the group is lead out the back entrance into an alleyway…

Brock eventually saves Bob from the “secret” room and they decide to depart the club, but not before Bob drops a Thermite Grenade behind the bar.

In the alley, McCleary is confronted by the Gnoll that has been hunting him for the past few weeks, and a fight ensues. It appears that the group would be defeated but a mysterious young man shows up and assists them in defeating the threat…he introduces himself as Amilyn and says he’s there to help.



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