My Brother's Keeper

Number of Sessions: 3

Dates: 1/7/2010, 1/14/2010, 1/21/2010

Character Level: 3

Absent Players: Shaun, Crissie (last session)


After successfully defeating Cutter Sane in his shadow domain known as “Sanity Falls”, the new recruits of Department 7 proved themselves to be useful and able to handle the problems with the shadowkind.

Over a three week period, the characters spend time their off time in many different ways:

  • McCleary: Participates in a fight and wins, as well as evades the MCTF (McCleary Case Task Force) with the help of Phiber and Rose. Winning fights brings more business to Shady Brooke Apartments which in turn makes the Tries Leader, Saw, very happy. He awards McCleary with an on call Tries Hireling.
  • Claudia: crafts a punching dagger weapon for McCleary and modifies his motorcycle to include plate armor with a detectable battering ram.
  • Bob: suffering from the split personality issues of being infected with Grey Hat. Buys guns and tries to build bombs.
  • Brock: Agent Marcus learned of his severe drinking habit and decided the way to help him not become a threat to the team is to send him to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. One night on the way home, Brock is captured by an unknown force.
  • Mally: Spent his three weeks hanging out with his friend Tina, and playing video games.
  • Kevin (formerly Dr. El Beasto): continued to work at the hospital (without his mask), and purchased a condo and new Lexus.
  • Phiber: Spent the majority of his time working with Rose.

Rose & Phiber have been trying to locate who captured Brock by posting on blacklist forums and such, he has been missing for about a week. One night, Kevin and McCleary head to the liquor store to purchase some alcohol and aspirin for Teddy. Over the course of five minutes, McCleary is almost identified by a teenager who recognized him and he also receives a call from a man named “Dominic Lombardi” who claims he can help with his current police problem. Kevin on the other hand has a strange visit from a man dressed all in black who claims that to find the truth he must fully understand the power…

Back at HQ, Bob lets Grey Hat take over and goes berserk, and smashes through the wall into Claudia’s room, luckily Rose was present and shot Bob up with a sedative. Due to Agent Marcus’s concern for the missing Brock he calls everyone in for a meeting. During that time, McCleary rallies a task force to accompany him to his next day meeting with Mr. Lombardi.

The next day, the whole group (excluding Phiber) head over to Tony Z’s Pizza in Northwood for the meeting with Mr. Lombardi. Kevin and Bob opt to stay outside, Kevin wants to watch his ride while Bob breaks into a recently closed Antique Store and finds a wad of money. Inside the pizzeria the rest of group is escorted back by a goon named Casper who explains that Mr. Lombardi is in rare form today and they should just get down to business. The characters soon learn the Mr. Lombardi is actually a Gnoll and under boss for the Corsone Crime Syndicate, he agrees to help McCleary with the cops if the group can retrieve a briefcase containing an object of great importance from Uncle Biff,a hit-man who recently double crossed Lombardi. The group agrees and are given information on where to find a friend of Biff’s who could lead to his capture. Before leaving Mally hears some noise coming from behind another door in the back room, opening it to find a beaten Brock tied up…the group quickly explain that this person is a friend of theirs. Lombardi explains that Brock is also a wanted criminal and they were going to use him as a bargaining chip to the cops, they allow Brock to leave.

The group head to Bayside Square to locate the friend of Uncle Biff, she’s a stripper who works at The Golden Calf. Arriving before the club’s opening, the group spend time in the square’s shopping and eatery sections. Eventually they make their way into the gentleman’s club, the first to find Stardust (the stripper) is Claudia who asks the club owner if she could audition for a job. The owner quickly pairs her up with Stardust (who is about to perform a private dance) to show her the ropes…the receiver of the dance turns out to Kevin! After some nice words and such, Stardust offers to take the two to Uncle Biffs (who she refers to as Bufford) house, in turn Kevin pays her a hefty sum. The other players wonder around the bar, Mally meets a new friend, Brock gets in a fight with a gay cowboy, and Bob flips out again and tries to dance onstage. Eventually everyone makes it outside (Bob gets thrown out), and they meet up with Claudia and Stardust.

Stardust brings the characters to Biff’s home, and they find that the place is empty. Claudia is sleepy from her striping adventure so she decides to take a nap in the back of the family truckster. After entering through the garage and searching the house, they discover that Biff will be meeting someone at the docks tonight at midnight. Also, they find that Biff has been two timing Stardust, this infuriates her…Bob accidentally watches a pornographic movie and flips out again, unknown to the other players he leaves the house and drives off in the family truckster (with Claudia still sleeping inside). While investigating the backyard the team is attacked by weird frog monsters. Brock is seriously injured when his gun exploded. After defeating them, they leave quickly when the sounds of police sirens are heading toward the house.

Stardust demands to go to the apartment where Biff is supposedly sleeping with one of her friends, the characters soon learn that it was a big misunderstanding and that Biff is not there…they quickly head to the docks leaving Stardust behind.

Bob awakens 30 miles outside of the city, after driving into a tree and seriously injuring Claudia, Bob makes a call, learns of the dock plan, and heads back with the quickness…

At the docks, the group is confronted by a gang of gay cowboys who attack McCleary after he got mouthy with them. Eventually they leave, and the group continues to search for Uncle Biff, eventually they find him and a battle starts…which ends in the group knocking Biff unconscious.

The mystery guest to the midnight meeting, turns out to be Dominic Lombardi! who reveals that there was never any item of great importance and that it was all a setup to get McCleary out in public…just as a fight is about to start suddenly Bob (possessed again!) hits Lombardi with the family truckster sending him flying (dead) into the ocean. The other characters escape in the Lexus just as the police are about to arrive…

Eventually, the group revive Uncle Biff and spare his life when he offers McCleary the spot as underboss for the Corsone Syndicate…McCleary accepts and Biff promises to assist him with the problem with the police for real this time around!



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