The Dogwood Adventures, part 1

Number of Sessions (estimated): 2-3

Dates: 1/25/2010

Character Level: 3

Absent Players: Shaun, Black Manta

It’s been about a week since the run in with Dominic Lumbardi and William McCleary is living it up in his new twelve room mansion. William pays for a new identity (ID and Name), and Claudia comes to live with him out of fear of Bob at Department 7 HQ. Kevin diagnosed Claudia with minor brain damage due to her accident in the family truckster. Bob is reduced to carrying a basic pistol after his recent outburst in the field.

Agent Marcus decides to sent his operatives down to Atlanta, GA in an attempt to uncover some clues in the mysterious serial killings of individuals that are registered as “Shadow-Touched”. Marcus gives Kevin the go ahead to lead the operation and investigation. Due to limited funds, the group of Kevin, McCleary, Claudia, Bob, and Mally are given tickets on a cheap airline. Brock is currently recovering from his injury and Phiber is MIA.

The trip to the airport is uneventful, and the majority of the group pay for weapons insurance to make sure their equipment arrives in Atlanta. On the plane, Bob keeps himself together, Mally has a nightmare of her last flight, Claudia rocks out with her ipod (and drinks her new favorite soda…beer), and McCleary is denied his scotch. Eventually they arrive at Atlanta International.

The group are greeted by a limo driver holding a sign for “The Jeffersons” on the reverse side it bares the D7 logo. Also, a letter is given in which the Atlanta Department 7 Operatives apologize that they can not meet the group right now but will join them later at the morgue. The driver, name unknown (nicknamed Mumbles), directs them to their limo which is loaded with booze and snacks. The limo heads to the morgue.

On the interstate, the characters get stuck in gridlock traffic…after some investigation they find that a bus has been hyjacked by a group of kolbolds (armed with AK-47’s) who are demanding 50 grand and a getaway car or they will blow up the bus. The group uses the first few rounds to get all extra citizens clear of area (including Cheech and Chong). Next McCleary tries to advance the bus, and soon meets the boss of this gang, an 8 foot tall Ogre named “Tobias” doesn’t take long before this turns into an all out war!

In the mist of battle, Mally sneaks under the bus (escape floor entrance) to survey the hostage situation…she finds five hostages, and three more kolbolds armed with taser weapons. Using her damaged brain, Claudia is able to disable a car battery and use it to shock a few of kolbolds on the bus. Tobias reveals a shotgun and blasts McCleary right in the chest (luckily some protective clothing was worn). Bob assists by taking down a AK-47 Kolbold…only to find that the guns are a fake…this causing the rest of the group to move up. Inside the bus, Mally finds that regardless of fake guns…these little dogs are wearing explosives, with some quick actions he gets the bomb off the bus and disposes of it quickly. Kevin takes out the remaining Kolbolds outside with rubber bullets. Claudia boards the bus in an attempt to save the hostages, Bob and McCleary double team the giant orge and eventually kill him. The remaining Kolbolds in the bus try to make a get away by driving the bus, but not before Kevin boards, and Bob feebly tries to as well (but manages to be thrown from the bus…knocking him out). Kevin & Claudia continue to try and stop the kolbolds and now the bus as well. Mumbles (driving the limo on the sidewalk) picks up McCleary and Mally, but is soon thrown from the vehicle by EVIL Bob (after being knocked out…Grey Hat took over again). EVIL Bob drives the limo wildly after the bus. Eventually Claudia & Kevin overpower the remaining enemies and Claudia stops the bus…Mally using his knife skills is about to incapacitate Bob and stop the limo before it causes more damage. Kevin assists the hostages before they all load into the limo and leave (Bob zip tied and placed in the trunk).

Finally arriving at the morgue, the group meet Doctor Robert Paulson, an overweight candy bar loving southerner who runs the morgue. He leads the gang into the top secret/unsolved case area and shows them the three bodies they have remaining from the “PM Case”. The bodies (2 male, 1 female(newest)) have all died from several sudden blows to the head, and the identical marking of the letters “PM” have been carved into their chests. Kevin asks the rest of group (who were becoming rambunctious in this morgue setting) if they wouldn’t mind waiting outside while he conducted his investigation…they all go to nearby Burger World after Mumbles reveals that the Atlanta Department 7 operatives should be along shortly (in fewer words and on a pad of paper).



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