The Dogwood Adventures, part 2

Number of Sessions: 3

Dates: 02/04/2010

Character Level: 3

Absent Players: Shaun

Twisted Realities (Department 7 HQ), Baltimore

We learn that Brock has been released from the hospital but his hand is so mangled from the gun explosion (My Brother’s Keeper Module) that he will not be of much use anymore. Luckily, Ivan (D7’s medic/inventor/field officer) has created a new item called “The Gloves of Perfection” beta version…and he feels Brock would be a prime candidate for a test run…Brock accepts…

“The Gloves of Perfection” beta

These gloves are light and very bare bones looking, little electronic lights blink all over it. The gloves allow Brock to perform tasks with his damaged hand without penalty, also grants him the ability to fight with a weapon in each hand. When melee attacking the gloves do extra damage, but hitting too hard (aka fumble) can cause the gloves to explode. Also, getting them wet causes them to malfunction.

Agent Marcus tells Brock that the group headed to Atlanta, since Department 7 is low on funds they give Brock the keys to Bob’s Jeep and tells Brock that getting out of the city for awhile will do him some good. Brock begins his 8-10 hour drive to Atlanta…

Burger World, Atlanta

McCleary, Claudia, Bob, Mally, and Mumbles (the limo driver) head to the burger place near the morgue…Mumbles challenges Bob to an eating contest of Burger World’s Largest Burger “The Gut Buster” (Five Beef Patties with five slices of cheese) the end, Bob wins and Mumbles pukes…Mally spots a flyer sitting on a table nearby and it just so happens to be for the circus, Jack Donovan’s Elephant Fest, he previously worked at…Claudia tries to find directions via GPS but is unsuccessful due to brain trouble…another resturant patron tells the group the site of the circus is just a few blocks away! After the meal the group heads over there, while Mumbles stays with the limo.

The Gallery Morgue, Atlanta

Kevin continues to investigate the three bodies to try and find some traces of evidence…what he discovers:

  • The men were killed by numerous blows to the head, and the woman was strangled
  • The wounds were made after the victim was dead
  • The wounds are perfectly the same, about an inch and half wide, and they appear to be made by something resembling animal claws

Kevin continues to search, Dr. Paulson comes by to see if Kevin needs anything but he quickly sends the candy bar loving doctor away so he can focus.

Some Highway, Virginia

Brock is moving along, eventually he gets stuck behind a bus that gets a flat tire. Brock gets out to see if he can help with the situation, only to find that the bus is inhabited by Shadowkind…Brock freaks out and screams…soon he learns that these people aren’t Shadowkind…it’s actually GWAR! they dress like that fun and to perform at their loud, obnoxious, fake blood filled shows!! They ask Brock to help assist with the flat tire while the band members attend to some BUSINESS inside the bus. Brock changes the tire without much problem, GWAR awards him with tickets to their show in Hoboken, NJ (Brock refused to tell these freaks where he actually lives) and they speed off, leaving Brock in a cloud of gray smoke.

Donovan’s Elephant Fest Site, Atlanta

Mally’s presence allows the group to be let into the circus for free, the big top is closed till tonight but the midway is open for games. Mally is surprised to see that a majority of his old friends are actually meta-humans (elfs, orcs, trolls, etc). He finds Donovan, who is actually a thiefling, and begins telling him about his new job and all. Terrance, a young acrobat, has taken Mally’s place since he took a leave of absence (because of joining Department 7). McCleary tries to win at a wooden bottle game but is unsuccessful, but Bob makes an attempt and almost destroys the tent…he wins a stuffed panda. Bob suddenly becomes possessed by Grey Hat again, and goes and messes with the safety net that would protect Terrance from a dangerous fall…within a few seconds, fate would have it that Terrance falls and seriously injured himself. Mally knows Bob was responsible so he makes him and the rest of the group leave the circus immediately.

Pit Stop, Virginia

Brock feeling a little hungry stops at a famous establishment called “The Prancing Pony” and orders the Magic Meal, which includes a TASTY burger, drink, fries, and a surprise! The prize turns out to be a temporary tattoo of a weird symbol…in a stupor, Brock puts it on his forehead…in a few minutes he learns that now has the ability to can throw his voice!

Brock makes it to the State Line and heads into North Carolina…

Outside The Gallery Morgue, Atlanta

The group arrives back at the morgue, Mumbles is waiting, he’s obviously still pissed about the car jacking and eating contest winning by Bob. He grabs the panda and rips it’s head off…the group tries to get Bob to stay with Mumbles but the driver is not having it…Everyone but Mumbles eventually goes inside…

Joining Kevin in the examination room (Bob is forced to wait in the next room), Kevin recounts to his teammates what he has learned…

Highway, North Carolina

Brock is making good time in North Carolina…mostly because he’s speeding…he is eventually pulled over by one of the notorious Carolina State Troopers…after a bit of tongue lashing from the officer…a certain song comes on over the radio and the state trooper and Brock break into a sing-a-long of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, in the end the trooper decides that Brock is alright and lets him move along…

The Gallery Morgue, Atlanta

As Kevin explains what learns, Bob flips out in the other room again…he finds a body in a bag near by and it just so happens to be a female…McCleary, who is not really listening to Kevin, spots a tattoo on the side of one of the dead guy’s arm…before he has time to examine it, two agents burst in from the entry room (they have just recently used a taser on Bob to shop his shenanigans). The agents look very similar but one is a female and one is male…they introduce themselves as Agents S. & M., they also mock the group for having so many members. Eventually they focus back on the bodies and McCleary reads out loud what is written on the tattoo…Boo-Bah! The two new agents look at each other in fear…that was an undead resurrection spell…the two male bodies jump up immediately and begin to fight the group…

The Sticks, South Carolina

Brock is almost to the state line when his stomach sends signals that it is about to automatically expel itself. Finding a nearby gas station, BFE Gas, he quickly enters the station (knocking down a bum in the process), and finds the bathroom. Disaster strikes! but atleast it’s in the toilet…a few minutes later, Brock gets up from his business, and hears a small noise coming from inside the toilet…looking in he sees what appears to be a mix of a human baby and an amphibian monster! Brock quickly flushes it down the toilet and leaves promptly…a few minutes later the bum from early has a run in with Brock illegitimate son…it doesn’t end well for the bum

EXPLAINATION: When Brock fell into the pool at Uncle Biff’s house he accidentally swallowed one of the frog monster eggs…over the last week it grew in his stomach…the acids and bile causing many deformations to happen to the creature…

The Gallery Morgue, Atlanta

The Baltimore D7 operatives soon learn that their new friends from Atlanta are actually psionics:

  • S. – she is a telepath…she can read objects/people just by touching them. As well, as telekinesis, mind blast, etc.
  • M. – he is a battle mind…able to produce physical psionic blades from his wrists. As well, as much more aggressive mind attacks.

The group along with these two make quick work of the two walking dead…during the fight a few of the control panels were damaged so more zombies start to filter out of their icy tombs…the group decides to flee but not before noticing that the “PM” female is also now gone…in the next room they find Bob trying to fight off a zombie, but then he changes to EVIL Bob and starts to make out with it…the group leaves him…

In the hallway heading towards the exit the group fight one more zombie…before getting to the exit where they find that even Dr. Robert Paulson has been turned…after a much drawn out fight they defeat dead Paulson and make an escape…Bob rejoins the group carrying the head of the zombie chick he was fighting…

Claudia receives a call from Brock, who informs her that he is in Atlanta now and she gives him directions to the Morgue…Once he arrives, S&M tell the next plan of action…

The Atlanta Agents explain that art is known as Shadow Tattooing, imprinting spells on the skin and using action words to activate them…most importantly the “PM” female victim was not found on the way out of morgue…so that means she’s running loose in the city…S. says that if only they could track it would make their job much easier…M. suggests they try out one of their own (unregistered) serums on one of their new friends…S. says she will test each person’s mind to see who is suitable to possibly become enlightened…

  • Bob: senses a disturbance in the brain almost as if it’s cut in halves…for you to have this power would be extremely dangerous
  • Claudia: your brain is strong and full of knowledge, but recent damage could make this injection fatal, maybe some other time
  • Brock: your brain has been affected by years of alcohol abuse…lack of control and will
  • McCleary: what you lack in brain power you make up in physical mass
  • Kevin: Injury has caused confusion, with this injection your mind would fight over the power slowly ripping you mentally apart…it would kill you…
  • Mally: your mind is…pure…innocent…fun loving…the stress and modifications you make on your body, brings joy to your mind…I believe you are the best candidate to receive this ability…

Mally accepts the offer and he is given the “Wild Talent” formula which grants him the power of “Shadowkind Detection”, with this power he is able to follow a path that will lead them to the escaped female zombie…they follow…and end up in front of The Crunkalot Villas before the trail runs cold…



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