The Dogwood Adventures, part 3

Number of Sessions: 3

Dates: 02/11/2010

Character Level: 3

Absent Players: Shaun

The Crunkalot Villas, Atlanta

Mally’s Shadowkind Detection runs cold outside of a rundown apartment complex called “The Crunkalot Villas”, the team splits into two with one half venturing inside and the other around back.

The backside team determines that very few of the apartments actually have attendants in them, while the inside group meet with the apartment manager, Jon (who happens to be a halfling). During the conversation, Jon is insulted by Brock to which he electrocutes Brock with a taser. Before more trouble can happen, a scream is heard from above, both teams regroup and start to search the upper level…

Mally & Claudia meet Scrappy Bonez (a very untalented crunk rapper), and find a crying woman and unconscious man in another apartment. They question the woman who reveals that a crazy lady burst into her apartment, knocked out her husband and kidnapped her two children.

McCleary & Kevin meet the local drug lord known as “Tha Man”, and eventually come across an apartment where weird chanting can be heard from the other side…McCleary knocks the door down to reveal a buffed up version of the zombie chick and the two child passed out in red chalked circle.

A battle takes place, Kevin focuses on getting the children to safety while everyone else battle the buffed up zombie chick…who’s head eventually explodes due to a make shift electric rod created by Claudia. The group begin to search the apartment…

After many searches the group find that the apartment belong to a Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, and that they were divorced over five months ago. Also access to secret room determines who the next victim will be of the PM Killer…in Baltimore…a woman named Bonnie Brown.

The Atlanta D7 members offer rides and pay for Brock’s plane ticket back to Baltimore (Mumbles is going to drive the jeep back to Baltimore)...after a two hour flight the gang learns that a woman named Bonnie Brown has been admitted into John Hopkins Hospital with multiple stab wounds. Everyone eventually makes it over there to investigate…Mally finds Bonnie on her death bed but before she dies she says:

“I know what you are…and what you can see…I can see it in your eyes…you have seen the ways of the Shadow! The Beast is coming for you soon! If you value your life and you’re friends then you should seek out Michael St. James for he is the one who knows the truth behind this quest for violence.”

Afterward, everyone meets back at Department 7 headquarters to rest up and prepare to find this Micheal St. James…



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