Baltimore is an independent city and the largest city and cultural center of the U.S. state of Maryland. The city is located in central Maryland along the tidal portion of the Patapsco River. One of the main fears of Baltimore is crime and homicide that happens there…earning it the nickname Bloodymore. The homicide rate in Baltimore is nearly seven times the national rate, six times the rate of New York City, and three times the rate of Los Angeles. The city is manned to fight this crime with the Baltimore Police Department as well as an undercover FBI office within the city limits.

The amount of Shadowkind living in Baltimore is only second to New York City, but the shadow who inhabit the largest city in Maryland tend to be much more malicious. A top secret organization called “Department 7” has set up a team in the city to help keep the shadowkind under control.



Northwood – One of the most dangerous areas in town, compromising a whole community into a giant rundown ghetto. Many gangs inhabit this area so it’s subject to many gang wars. It’s not really safe during the day, but traveling around at night is just asking for trouble…or drugs. A few core locations include: The Shady Brooke Apartments, Ray’s Antiques, and Tony Z’s Pizza.

Johns Hopkins Hospital – The biggest hospital in the city.

Fred’s Chicken & Guns – a unique gun store that just happens to also sell fried chicken.


Don’s Liquors – a nice sized liquor store

Ted’s Movie Collection – a hobby shop based on collecting rare/old movies

Twisted Realities Films – a film editing studio.

Warehouse 13 – a storage warehouse for Department 7

West Side

Sunny Vale Condos – very expensive condos

West Side Park – simple and calm park

Bob’s Antique Store – run of the mill store, recently put Ray’s out of business

Baltimore International Airport

South Side

Bayside Square – Many shops and entertain center. Includes: Club Plasma, The Hole Clothing Store, Peppers Resturant, Tony Montana’s Crack House, JC Dimes, Bigsby’s Tiki Bar, Cheap Ass Burgers, and The Golden Calf Gentleman’s Club.


Baltimore Police Department (BPD)

BPD provides police services to the city of Baltimore, Maryland. They are armed with the usual bomb squad, SWAT, etc.

Secret FBI Office

An undercover FBI office is secretly hidden within the city line, this is so the government can assist the BPD directly with the uproar in crime. One of the highest ranking officials in this location is Agent Phillip Anthony Dick.

McCleary Case Task Force (MCTF)

Lead by Phillip A. Dick, a group of officers at his disposal to try and apprehend the wanted criminal James McCleary.


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