Department 7

Department 7 is an independent firm under contract with the government—though this contract is more understood than officially documented. Indeed, officially, Department 7 is merely a privately-funded research institution investigating the paranormal alongside local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. It receives no government funding, and is not overseen by any elected or appointed official.

Technically, all these facts are true; Department 7 is by no means a government entity, and supports its own endeavors entirely through legitimate (though unclear) private means. In theory, the Department simply reports to the officers of any police precinct it happens to be working within; yet due to the mindset of mundanes and the clouding nature of Shadow, this is a tenuous chain of command at best. The cops may request Department 7 assistance on unusual cases, and the Department may offer its expertise regarding certain crimes, but by and large both groups are content to follow their own leads and leave one another’s matters alone.

Department 7 has no one central headquarters that most agents are aware of, instead operating primarily through of a system of networked contacts and field agents. The department does maintain a physical presence through its many safe houses in a number of cities, which serve the joint purpose of meeting place, housing and base of operations for the department’s active agents. Every major Department 7 interest also is home to a department outpost, which helps coordinate actions between agents, though its location is often a closely guarded secret—agents rarely travel to it via mundane means, and even an outpost’s overseer might not have the knowledge to place the facility on a map.

Department 7 – Baltimore Division

The high murder rate and crime that plague the city of Baltimore has a lot to do with the fact that the city is huge gathering ground for malicious Shadowkind. With this information, the Fellowship demanded a stationed group of Department 7 agents be present at all times. Many new recruits to Department 7 are sent to Baltimore as a training ground because of it’s worst of the worst atmosphere. The team operates from a headquarters/safe house located on the east side of town, the building using the facade of a video design/editing company called “Twisted Realities” to mask it’s true intentions. A team of about twelve agents work and operate from this location:

  • Agent James Marcus (Human) – Team leader and veteran hunter of Shadowkind
  • Julie Red (Human) – Second in Command, martial arts master
  • Rose Invida (Elf) – Computer Specialist (gathering information, hacking, order purchasing), Video editing and costumer service representative (for Twisted Realities)
  • Teddy Grimsaw (Gnome) – House keeper, filing, requisition collector, inventory tracker, mechanic, and acting CEO of Twisted Realities (Marcus doesn’t want to be bothered with the Mundanes)
  • Ivan Roskov (Troll) – Medical Aid, Additional Field Agent, Weapons Specialist

The team has seen a revolving door of recruits and have trained them well to further their futures as members of Department 7.

Department 7 Medical Oddities


Stands for “Consensus Reality X”. This non-registered drug is a specialized serum created by the Fellowship. It basically gives a mundane the power to see things for what they really are…a sort of Truth Serum…or Reality Serum. After taking the drug for the first time the user falls into a deep sleep where the very fabrics of their mind are torn apart and re-pieced to be able to comprehend the “True” reality. The serum has a 5% insanity rate, typically the serum is only offered to mundanes that show a high level of shadow detection (industry term “Shadow Touched” “Shadow Eyed” etc) or experienced some event that allowed the shadow to make it’s presence known. Originally introduced as a pill form, which had to be taken every few days to keep in touch with True Reality, the serum version last much longer but effects will slowly deteriorate over time. Some side effects included sleepiness and nightmares.

Veggie Cocktail

Otherwise known as the “Mind Warp Express”. This serum shuts down the brain every few minutes and tampers with the general memory of the user, effects usually last about an hour. Depending on how much of the serum is injected is to speak on how much the user can not remember. (ex: 2cc would make a user forget the last two hours). The erased memories are filled with black voids…the user can sometime recall bits and pieces but these memories are generally scrambled. This serum is highly illegal and has been known to cause serious sanity damage (1d20) and mental problems, should be used with extreme caution and only in emergency situations. Another note, the Veggie Cocktail is highly toxic to the shadowkind…very unstable mutations have been tested. Some Shadowkind also seem immune to the effects of VC. The use of VC along with a recent recipent of CR-X can cause serious mental problems in the and has a 25% chance of death rate. Most high ranking agents of D-7 are permitted certain quanities of this serum due to it’s extreme danger.

CLW Serum

An injection mixture that speeds up the immune system and cure/heal the body of injuries and infections. The ingredients include: a few drops of blood from a creature that can regenerate, a compound steroid mixture, and almond extract.

Department 7

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