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“Shadow” is a convenient term for the cause of the paranormal phenomena that have plagued our reality from time to time throughout history. Shadow is also the shorthand term for the home realm of these phenomena and creatures; such creatures or their descendants are considered Shadowkind. Some examples might be: an abusive police officer might actually be a bug bear in an officer’s uniform, or a brain fried homeless person might actually be a walking zombie.


Normal people, who go along with life not knowing the full truth and not seeing it as well. Some mundanes do believe in ghosts, UFO’s, and heavenly phenomena…but these events, creatures, or sightings are usually caused by some sort of shadowkind. Mundanes who have been in a situation where a shadow was revealed or mundanes that show a high level of shadow detection are refereed to as “Shadow Touched” or “Shadow Eyed” mundanes.


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