The Corsone Syndicate

The Corsone Syndicate is a crime family is a top running for one of the organizations that has control of most of the organized crime in America and Europe, their presence can be felt in such cities as Las Vegas (main base of operations), New York (second base), Los Angles, Miami, and Baltimore (baby base).

The Godfather of the family is Louis Corsone with his mental prowess, criminal resources, shadow minions, and help from various sources has allowed him to stay one step or more ahead of law enforcement and rival gangs. Corsone rules his family with an iron fist of power and respect, his sons, Vito(NYC) and Micheal(Miami), run sub-bases in his organization.

This organization has it’s dirty hands in everything from money laundering to political payola, but they share a common liking to murder and human slavery. Here’s a run down of Areas and associates:


Louis Corsone – Godfather

A corpulent, and slightly disturbing looking man in his mid-40’s. His skin is very pale as if he hasn’t seen the sun in weeks. He has a bald head, and a long white beard that is ever flowing from side to side. Corsone speaks with a fluid educated grace, but mixes in undertones that reveal his heart to be one of a cold blooded killer. He also favors the most expensive suits and cigars…cubans especially.

The Kuzzar Brothers – Corsone’s Main Hitmen & Body Guards

Twin brothers, Vincent & Albert Kuzzer, both equally massive and very dangerous. Growing up in various foster homes and having many problems in their teenage years, they met Louis over 15 years ago and have been his protector ever since. They both have slicked back long black hair, and wear nose rings (Louis disapproves, but doesn’t make much of it)...only thing telling them apart is Vincent sports a devilish goatee while his brother is clean shaven.

Dr. Seymour Banks – Former Surgeon General…now Interrogator

Vietnam Veteran and expert surgeon, Dr. Banks, provides Corsone with healing his men as well as an expert torturer and interrogator.


Vito Corsone – Underboss

Vito is less abusive as his father but almost three times as smart…if someone was going to take the seat as the next Godfather than it would be Vito. He operates a number of whore houses, porn theaters, and strip & S/M clubs around New York City.

FORMER UNDERBOSS: Dominic Lumbardi, before being moved to Baltimore


Micheal Corsone – Underboss

Micheal is the fun loving one of the family. Spending most of his time on his private yacht in Miami Bay. Micheal can also be dangerous when crossed, as he has a device that can attract a pack of flesh eating sharks in a matter of minutes. Micheals core import is cocaine from Cuba…as well as cigars for his dear old dad.


Franz Draco – Underboss & CEO of Draco Industries

Franz is a powerful man on the west side of the nation, which is why Louis choose him to run the show in the city of angels. Draco Industries provides cover for any kind of illegal workings. Many of Franz men believe he will be pasted the torch when Louis retires instead of Corsone’s children because of their less effective workings…Franz doesn’t seem to care either way.


William McCleary – Underboss

William McCleary is new to the scene but is well known in the fighting underground curcuit. He was formerly sponsored by previous underboss, Dominic Lumbardi, and his fights are well known across the internet. McCleary is a wanted man by the FBI, and that draws fans to his fights, bringing more money to the Syndicate…basically what he lacks in business he makes up in brute force acting as an underboss but also a hitman who can get things done…the right way!

FORMER UNDERBOSS: Dominic Lombard…Missing in Action!

Casper Johnson – Retired Hitman and Assistant to the Underboss

Casper has been with the family for years…even working under Mr. Corsone himself for many of his tenure…he’s taken a lesser job to enjoy his remaining years on this force. Casper can keep a pretty cool head but is known to over react if he is pushed to far. Likes to use brutal force when extracting information.

*Uncle Biff (Bufford Lombardi) – Hitman *

One of Baltimore’s number one hitmen…when not killing people, Biff acts as messenger for the underboss and sometimes as a fill in driver. Unknown to many, he’s actually the brother of Dominic Lombardi.

The Corsone Syndicate

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